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A gross or great dozen is equal to 144 = 122, or one dozen dozen. [1] It is a commonly used quantity by small wholesalers.

In Czech language, 144 is called "veletucet", which means "great-twelve".

Aarex Tiaokhiao calls this number duodecimal-booiol.[2]

Furthermore, it is the largest possible number of shopping hours in most weeks in some countries, since they have laws requiring observation of a weekly rest day.


  • It is a composite number.
  • It is the largest Fibonacci number that is also a square. Indeed, it's the largest Fibonacci number to be any perfect power.
  • It is the smallest positive integer n for which the number nn cannot be represented in the double-precision floating-point format.
  • 5144 is the first power of 5 larger than a googol.

In chess

It is also the number of possible king moves in 5×5 minichess.

In radiocommunications

The 2-meter band starts at 144 MHz.

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