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180 is a number following 179 and preceding 181.

Instrumentalism calls this number Long Gross.[1]

Nirvana Supermind calls this number zero-octodenol, and is equal to Q<10,18> in quick array notation. [2]


180 is an even abundant number.

180 is equal to the sum of 6 consecutive prime numbers from 19 to 41, or 8 from 11 to 37.[3]

There are 180 degrees in a semicircle.

Its prime factorization is 22 × 32 × 5.[4]

180 is the smallest number whose sum of its proper divisors equals more than twice the number itself.

Cultural significance

It is also the number of matches in the association football Austrian Football Bundesliga, which has a 10-team quadruple round-robin tournament.