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21 (twenty-one) is a positive integer following 20 and preceding 22. It is an odd composite number, and the 6th triangular number. It can be also called long score.[1]


21 is the smallest amounts of different size of squares to fill a larger square.[2][3]

In googology

  • In Greek-based number-naming systems, 21 is associated with prefix "henicosa-", and with prefix "unviginti-" in Latin systems.
  • It is equal to S(3) with the S function, a variant of the Busy beaver function. This means 21 is the maximum finite number of steps that can be performed using a 3-state, 2-color Turing machine.

Googological functions returning 21


In other languages

In languages such as Dutch and German, the ones are put before the tens; the resulting names are eenentwintig and einundzwanzig, respectively. There is a German club requesting an end to this practice.