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57 (fifty-seven) is a positive integer following 56 and preceding 58. Its ordinal form is written "fifty-seventh" or 57th.


  • 57 is a odd composite number.
  • The integral part of 180/π is equal to 57.
  • 57 is also the smallest n such that nn is larger than a googol.
  • 57 is not a prime, but it is known as the legend of the so-called "Grothendieck prime" from the following story. When a mathematician Alexander Grothendieck was suggested to consider a particular prime number, Grothendieck answered "All right, take 57."[1]

In googology

In Greek-based number-naming systems, 57 is associated with prefix "heptapentaconta-", and with prefix "septemquinquaginti-" in Latin systems.


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