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The former profile picture of the Googleaarex account

Aarex Tiaokhiao (born October 12, 2001[1]) is an American googologist. The name is believed to be a pseudonym. He developed some extensions of the known notations and published them on his own site.[2]

He was inactive for most of 2018 through 2020 but has recently returned.

He has 3 accounts on Fandom:


In the 2010s, Tiaokhiao invented the Aarex function.[3][dead link]

In 2021, Aarex made a return to googology, citing that he made some strong notations in this blog post.[4] One of them was known as "Aarex's Oddly Strong Notation"[5]. He made a hypothetical statement that some of his power notations could theoretically beat TSS in the webpage, but the notation is ill-defined due to many errors[6]. Also, the analyses by Aarex include many expressions based on undefined OCFs, and hence evaluations like "reaching Mahlo level" is based on a logical misconception. See Rathjen's psi function#Common misconceptions for related common misconceptions. He works with many googologists such as Tetramur, Spampingabot, Veblen Waifu, Ytosk, and Binary198, to develop and formalize extremely powerful notations.

Other things[]

From 2016 and onwards, Aarex made Windows Never Released versions YouTube videos & worked on googology less than he did earlier. But in March 2019, Aarex quit WNR,[7] and is currently inactive on YouTube.

He also developed several incremental games,[8] including a modification of Antimatter Dimensions known as NG+++, which speeds up the early game and adds a ton of new content.

He is currently a bit active at JToH's Joke Towers Wiki as of 10/24/21.

User Spampingabot#2120 on Discord got him back into googology by proposing his idea of a super strong array notation capable of beating SAN, as of September of 2021[4]. But SAN is known to be unformalised, and hence "capable of beating SAN" does not make sense.

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