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The former profile picture of the Googleaarex account

Aarex Tiaokhiao (born October 12, 2001[1]) is an American googologist. The name is believed to be a pseudonym. He developed some extensions of the known notations and published them on his own site.[2]

He was inactive for most of 2018 through 2020 but has recently returned.

He has 3 accounts on Fandom:


In the 2010s, Tiaokhiao invented the Aarex function.[3][dead link]

In 2021, Aarex made a return to googology, citing that he made some strong notations in this blog post.[4] One of them was known as "Aarex's Oddly Strong Notation"[5]. He made a hypothetical statement that some of his power notations could theoretically beat TSS in the webpage, but the notation is ill-defined due to many errors[6]. Also, the analyses by Aarex include many expressions based on undefined OCFs, and hence evaluations like "reaching Mahlo level" is based on a logical misconception. See Rathjen's psi function#Common misconceptions for related common misconceptions. He works with many googologists such as Tetramur, Spampingabot, Veblen Waifu, Ytosk, and Binary198, to develop and formalize extremely powerful notations.

Other things

From 2016 and onwards, Aarex made Windows Never Released versions YouTube videos & worked on googology less than he did earlier. But in March 2019, Aarex quit WNR,[7] and is currently inactive on YouTube.

He also developed several incremental games,[8] including a modification of Antimatter Dimensions known as NG+++, which speeds up the early game and adds a ton of new content.

He is currently a bit active at JToH's Joke Towers Wiki as of 10/24/21.

User Spampingabot#2120 on Discord got him back into googology by proposing his idea of a super strong array notation capable of beating SAN, as of September of 2021[4]. But SAN is known to be unformalised, and hence "capable of beating SAN" does not make sense.

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