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André Joyce is a fictional person described in Michael Joseph Halm's website.[1][2][3] In the website, André Joyce is described as a Franco-American mathematician who considered himself a pataphysicist, who was born in 1910 and worked as a professor in the Math Department in a university somewhere in America (living in East Dakota, a hypothetical U.S. state that would be east of the North and South Dakotas[4]) from after the war in 1945 until 1985. In the story, he coined the words "googology" and "googologist", and some names of large numbers. His name is a pun on "and rejoice," a phrase appearing various times in the Christian Bible.

Sbiis Saibian describes André Joyce as "we don't know whether he's alive or dead, we don't have any idea what he looked like (the title picture is of Alfred Jerry, not Andre Joyce), we don't even know that he ever existed".[5] From the fact that there is no evidence about the existence of Andé Joyce, and that the picture of Alfred Jarry shown at the article of Wikipeda was displayed as a picture of André Joyce on the website of Michael Joseph Halm,[5][6] it is accepted that André Joyce is a fictional person in a story made possibly by Michael Joseph Halm.[7][8][9]

In the first version of the article of Googology,[10] it is written as

Googology is the study and nomenclature of large numbers, particularly those related to the googol. Googology, coined by Andre Joyce, is a portmanteau of googol and the "-logy" prefix.

Therefore, although André Joyce is a fictional person, the name of this site, "Googology Wiki", was taken from his work.

Googology Wiki user Andrejoyce, who claims that he is either Andre Joyce or Michael Halm,[11] created many articles of googologisms by André Joyce at Googology Wiki in June to July 2014. Michael Halm's website of André Joyce was updated at the same time, increasing the credibility that the user is actually Michael Halm. However, as most of the numbers are not shown in the source website, they were moved to Googology Wiki:André Joyce archive. Sourced numbers are available in Category:Numbers by André Joyce.


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