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This category contains googologisms that are composite, but not a perfect power. For googologisms which are suspected to be a non-power, see Category:Suspected non-powers.

The vast majority of googologisms are perfect powers; this applies especially to those coined by Jonathan Bowers, Sbiis Saibian, or Lawrence Hollom.

Please categorize numbers into subcategories of this category instead of here, if possible. In particular:

  • Achilles numbers are per definition never a perfect power.
  • 10-based FGH numbers are never a perfect power.
  • According to Obláth, Bugeaud and Mignotte, repdigit numbers with more than one digit cannot be a perfect power.
  • According to Bugeaud, Mignotte and Siksek, Fibonacci numbers (except 0, 1, 8 and 144) cannot be a perfect power.
  • According to Bertrand, orders of symmetric groups (except 1) cannot be a perfect power.
  • All known perfect numbers are even, and it has been proven that no even perfect number can be a perfect power. It is currently unknown, but highly unlikely, that there is an odd perfect number that is also a perfect power.

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