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This category includes numbers coined by Googology Wiki user CompactStar (formerly known as Nirvana Supermind) and functions related to the following notations created by the same user:

  1. Rampant Array Notation
    1. Basic Rampant Array Notation] (BRAN)
    2. Linear Rampant Array Notation] (LRAN)
  2. Extensible Illion System
    1. Primitive Illion System
  3. Quick array notation
    1. Linear array notation
  4. Infra Notation
    1. Basic Infra Notation (BIN)
    2. Linear Infra Notation (LIN)
  5. Alphabet notation
    1. Basic Alphabet Notation
  6. Fast array notation
    1. Basic array notation (BAN)

Be careful that many of numbers defined by those notations (except the fast array notation numbers and extended Tier 4-6 -illion, according to self-assessment by the creator on December 20th in 2021[1]) have issues. They might be ill-defined, the notations defining them have two or more distinct non-equivalent versions, or the intended values are different from the actual values. See the articles for those notations for a more detailed explanation.

In addition, the creator clarified all notations above except for the most recent one (once again, fast array notation) are abandoned by the creator since they are ill-defined and/or have serious issues.[2]


  1. A difference page of this category inserting these exceptions.
  2. A difference page of this category replacing the caution above by this phrase.

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