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This category includes numbers coined by Googology Wiki user Nirvana Supermind and notions related to the following notations created by the same user:

  1. Rampant Array Notation
    1. Basic Rampant Array Notation] (BRAN)
    2. Linear Rampant Array Notation] (LRAN)
    3. Quadratic Rampant Array Notation (QRAN)
    4. Dimensional Rampant Array Notation (DRAN)
    5. Bidimensional Rampant Array Notation (BdRAN)
    6. Ultradimensional Rampant Array Notation (UdRAN)
  2. Extensible Illion System
    1. Primitive Illion System
  3. Quick array notation
    1. Linear array notation
  4. Infra Notation
    1. Basic Infra Notation] (BIN)
    2. Linear Infra Notation (LIN)
    3. Basic Cascading Infra Notation (BCIN)
  5. Alphabet notation
    1. Basic Alphabet Notation
    2. Basic Cascading Alphabet Notation
    3. Nested Basic Cascading Alphabet Notation
    4. Two-level Cascading Alphabet Notation
    5. Cascading Alphabet notation
    6. Tetrational Alphabet Notation
    7. Arrow Alphabet Notation

Be careful that many of numbers defined by those notations have issues. They might be ill-defined, the notations defining them have two or more distinct non-equivalent versions, or the intended values are different from the actual values. See those main articles for the issues (mainly on ill-definedness, removement history by the creator, and differences between intended values and actual values) of those systems.

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