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Chris Bird is an English mathematician who helped develop and investigate Jonathan Bowers' BEAF, and created a parallel notation called Bird's array notation. His extensions to Array Notation, outlined in his 75-page paper Array Notations for Super-Huge Numbers,[1] led to the development of the modern Exploding Array Function. He also proved that Array Notation with 5 or more entries grows much faster than Chained Arrow Notation.[2]

Bird developed his own hierarchy of array notations and extended it up to the Bachmann-Howard ordinal.[3] He later developed a newer version of his notation that he claimed was able to reach \(\psi_0(\Omega_{\omega})\).[4] In 2014, he extended his notation yet again, this time reaching \(\vartheta(\Omega_\Omega)\).

Bird has a master's degree in mathematics, and has stated that he has Asperger's syndrome (an autism spectrum disorder).


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