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Diolineans is equal to [1,49,1] = [2,1,1] ~ E80#48#2 using PlantStar's Debut Notation.[​1]​​ The term was coined by PlantStar.


Due to the ill-definedness of the notation, the following approximations below is just an intended value of this number.

Notation Approximation
Arrow notation \(48\uparrow\uparrow(48↑↑49)\) (larger than \(48\uparrow\uparrow\uparrow3\))
Chained arrow notation \(48\rightarrow(48→49→2)\rightarrow2\)
BEAF {48,{48,49,2},2} (larger than {48,3,3})
Bird's array notation {48,{48,49,2},2}
Hyper-E notation E[48]1#49#2
Hyper-E notation (base 10 equivalent) E80#48#2
Strong array notation s(48,s(48,49,2),2)
Hyperfactorial array notation (50!1)!1
Fast-growing hierarchy \(f_{3}(f_{3}(50))\)
Hardy hierarchy \(H_{ω^{3}2}(50)\)
Slow-growing hierarchy \(g_{\varepsilon_{\varepsilon_0}}(49)\)


  1. Article 2.1: The Lineus Regiment | PlantStar's Large Numbers

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