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Googology Wiki

In addition to this English Googology Wiki, there are several "sister wikis" in other languages. Interlanguage links are available among pages in those wikis.

Language Wikia name Prefix Founded Pages By Oldest/newest
article count
English Googology Wiki en: 2008-12-05 11,358 pages Vel! old / new Statistics
German Googologie Wiki de: 2012-03-09 59 pages IvanP old / new Statistik
Dutch Grote getallen wiki nl: 2013-06-15 279 pages Wythagoras old / new Statistieken
Japanese 巨大数研究 Wiki ja: 2013-12-05 568 pages Limitofempty old / new 統計
French Wiki Googologie fr: 2013-12-12 100 pages Googleaarex old / new Statistiques
Chinese 大數學 維基 zh: 2015-02-25 160 pages Khankao1 old / new Statistics
Russian Гугология Вики ru: 2015-12-15 153 pages Даниил Меркулов old / new Статистика
Czech Googologie Wiki cs: 2017-09-05 26 pages Unknown95387 old / new Statistiky
Bahasa Melayu Wikia Googologi ms: 2018-07-19 N/A WuvvFi old / new Statistik
Spanish Gúgologia Wiki es: 2018-10-14 17 pages Nnn6nnn old / new Estadísticas
Polish Wiki Polish Googology Wiki (old)
Googologia wiki (new)
pl: 2018-10-29 (old)
2021-06-19 (new)
N/A (old)
5 pages (new)
G00gelman (old)
BlankEntity (new)
old / new Statystyki

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