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Hyperon (not to be confused with the hyperions of Hyper-E Notation) is equal to 100↑100100 in Up-arrow Notation, or 100{X}100 in X-Sequence Hyper-Exponential Notation[1]. Hyperon is comparable to Sbiis Saibian's gugold., Bowers' Boogol, and woogol. The name was coined by SuperJedi224. This is intended to be the 100th ackermann number and is one of googolisms that have 100 arrows.

Approximations in other notations

Notation Approximation
Bowers Exploding Array Function \(\{100,100,100\}, 3\&100\) (both exact)
Bird's array notation \(\{100,100,100\}\) (exact)
Hyper-E notation \(\textrm E100\#\#100\)
Chained arrow notation \(100\rightarrow 100\rightarrow 100\) (exact)
Hyperfactorial array notation \(99![1]\)
Fast-growing hierarchy \(f_{101}(100)\)
Hardy hierarchy \(H_{\omega^{101} }(100)\)
Slow-growing hierarchy \(g_{\varphi(\omega,0)}(101)\)


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