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Not to be confused with meameamealokkabipowwa oompa.

Meameamealokkapoowa oompa is equal to \(\{\{L100,10\}_{10,10}\&L,10\}_{10,10}\) in BEAF, or a meameamealokkapoowa-sized array of L's.[1] Strictly speaking, Meameamealokkapoowa oompa is ill-defined by the ill-definedness of BEAF at that level. Therefore when we talk about Meameamealokkapoowa oompa, we are roughly assuming that there were a fixed extension of BEAF satisfying several desired properties. John Spencer was the first to ask for the definition of this number.

Meameamealokkapoowa oompa is often confused with another much smaller number, \(\{LLL \cdots LLL,10\}_{10,10}\), where there are simply meameamealokkapoowa L's in a single row.

For years it was considered the largest googologism Jonathan Bowers has yet defined. It would have been superseded in 2016 had Utter Oblivion been a properly defined number.


Meameamealokkapoowa is pronounced (ME ya ME ya ME ya LOCK a POO wa).[1]


Bowers explains the etymology of Meameamealokkapoowa as[1]

where did I come up with this name you may ask, well actually the name came from the Crystal Dynamics game Gex - at the beginning of the tribal level, you hear a distant native yell out "meameamealokkapoowa" nobody knew what this unseen native was trying to say - until now.

A video proof is shown below:



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