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In X-Sequence Hyper-Exponential Notation, Mega Teragygas is equal to 100{(X↑↑X)(X↑↑X)(X↑↑X)X}100. The name (which literally means "Great Monstrous Giant", a reference to Sbiis Saibian's comparably massive Super Monster-Giant) was coined by SuperJedi224.

Source: [1]

Notation Approximation
Hyper-E notation \(E100(\#\text{^^}\#)\text{^}(\#\text{^^}\#)\text{^}(\#\text{^^}\#)\text{^}\#100\)
Fast-growing hierarchy \(f_{\epsilon_0^{\epsilon_0^{\epsilon_0^{\omega} } } }(100)\)
Hardy hierarchy \(H_{\epsilon_0^{\epsilon_0^{\epsilon_0^{\omega} } } }(100)\)

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