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This page contains numbers appearing in engineering.

List of numbers appearing in engineering

  • There are 164 grid points on a globe with a 20° grid.
    • The isotope dysprosium-164 is the heaviest primordial nuclide without energetically allowed alpha or beta (including double beta and electron capture) decay modes.
    • It is also the number of possible rook moves in starchess.
  • There are 266 grid points on a globe with a 15° grid.
  • There are 614 grid points on a globe with a 10° grid.
    • According to Emil Fackenheim, there should be 614 commandments in Judaism.
  • There are 2,522 grid points on a globe with a 5° grid.
  • Some cars produced in the 1990s and 2000s, such as the Volkswagen Golf Mk3 and the Toyota Corolla (E120), have problems with their digital odometers, if they reach the number 300,000.
  • The Sunway TaihuLight is the fastest supercomputer in the world; it has 10,649,600 cores.
  • With 19,860,000 cores, the Gyoukou has more cores than any other supercomputer in the world.

Architecture-related numbers

  • 136 (one hundred thirty-six) is the number of floors (namely, concourse, ground and 1 to 138; 41, 74, 110 and 137 have been skipped) served by the main service elevator in the Burj Khalifa.
  • The Tokyo Sky Tree is the highest tower in Japan. It has a height of 634 metres (after Musashi Province). 6, 3 and 4 are called mutsu, san and shi, respectively, in Japanese.

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