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Pijillion is equal to \(10^{3\times 10^{3\times 10^{3\times 10^{3\times 10^{150}}}}+3}\).[1][2] The term was coined by CompactStar (formerly known as Nirvana Supermind).

Please note that the creator later found out that this term is ambiguous with Sbiis Saibian's generalized "tier 4" pijillion (which is \(10^{3\times 10^{3\times 10^{15,000,000,000}} + 3}\), from p(e)(g)ij), so the name of that number could have two possible definitions.

DeepLineMadom also called this number piijillion as an attempt to fix the name.[3]


Notation Approximation
Arrow notation \(10\uparrow(3\times 10\uparrow(3\times10\uparrow(3\times10\uparrow(3\times 10\uparrow 150) ) )+3)\) (exact)
Hyper-E notation E150#5
Fast-growing hierarchy \(f^5_2(493)\)


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