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An ordinal \(\alpha\) is recursively Mahlo if it is admissible and for every \(\alpha\)-recursive function \(f \colon \alpha\to\alpha\), there exists \(\beta<\alpha\) such that \(\beta\) is admissible and closed under \(f\)[1]. A recursively Mahlo ordinal fixed in the context is sometimes denoted by \(\mu_0\)[1]. In particular, when one choose the least one, the least recursively Mahlo ordinal is denoted by \(\mu_0\).[2] However, it does not mean that \(\mu_0\) always denotes the least recursively Mahlo ordinal.

\(\alpha\)-recursive Functions

\(\alpha\)-recursive functions are defined for admissible ordinals \(\alpha\). A function \(f\) is \(\alpha\)-recursive if its graph is definable on \(L\)\(_\alpha\) using a \(\Delta_1\) formula.[1]


A set \(x\) is recursively Mahlo if it is admissible, and for every \(\Sigma_0\) formula \(\phi(y,z,\vec{p})\), \(\forall\vec{p}\in x(\forall y\in x\exists z\in x\phi(y,z,\vec{p})\rightarrow\exists w\in x(w\text{ is admissible}\land\vec{p}\in w\land\forall y\in w\exists z\in w\phi(y,z,\vec{p})))\).[3] For any ordinal \(\alpha\), the following are equivalent:

  1. \(\alpha\) is a recursively Mahlo ordinal.
  2. \(L_\alpha\) is a recursively Mahlo set.
  3. \(L_\alpha \models \textsf{KPM}\), i.e. \(L_{\alpha}\) is a union of admissible sets and is a recursively Mahlo set.[4]

An ordinal \(\alpha\) is recursively Mahlo if and only if it's \(\Pi_2\)-reflecting on the class of admissible ordinals[5]. As a result, recursively Mahlo ordinals are recursively inaccessible, recursively hyper-inaccessible, recursively hyper-hyper-inaccessible, etc.[6] (i.e., recursively \(``\textrm{hyper}^n\!"\textrm -\)inaccessible with \(n\in\mathbb N\)).

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