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An ordinal is recursively inaccessible if it is admissible and is a limit of admissible ordinals. Analogously, a set \(x\) is recursively inaccessible if it is admissible and \(\forall y\in x\exists z\in x(y\in z\land\,z\text{ is admissible})\).

Higher recursive inaccessibility can be defined similarly: an ordinal is recursively \(\alpha\)-inaccessible if it is admissible and is a limit of recursively \(\beta\)-inaccessible ordinals for all \(\beta<\alpha\). An ordinal \(\alpha\) is recursively hyperinaccessible if it is \(\alpha\)-inaccessible.


The following are equivalent for any ordinal \(\alpha\):

  1. \(\alpha\) is recursively inaccessible.
  2. \(L_{\alpha} \models \mathsf{KPi}\).
  3. \((\mathbb{N},\mathcal{P}(\mathbb{N}) \cap L_{\alpha},+,\times,<) \models \Delta^1_2\text{-}\mathsf{CA}+\mathsf{Bi}\).[1]
  4. \(L_{\alpha} \models \mathsf{KP}\beta\), where \(\mathsf{KP}\beta\) denotes \(\mathsf{KP}\omega\) augumented by Mostowski collapse lemma.

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