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The short scale is a way of writing numbers based on -illions. It is accepted in most countries such as America, Russia, Australia and England. It is used in all English speaking countries today.

The largest difference between the short scale and the long scale is the use of prefixes. In the short scale, increasing million by a factor of 1000 creates billion, wherease in the long scale, it creates the number milliard.

In the short scale, the numbers follow this pattern: million, billion, trillion, etc. But in the large scale, the pattern lags a bit like so: million, milliard, billion, billiard, trillion, trilliard, etc.


  • Separate the number to blocks by three starting from 0.
  • Substitute the n-th separator with n-th Latin prefix and -illion. The 0-th separator is replaced by thousand.


  • 65,536 = 65 thousand 536
  • 563,535,443 = 563 million 535 thousand 443
  • 12,782,303,323 = 12 billion 782 million 303 thousand 323
  • 7,625,597,484,987 = 7 trillion 625 billion 597 million 484 thousand 987
  • 9,212,432,543,931,533 = 9 quadrillion 212 trillion 432 billion 543 million 931 thousand 533

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