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It seems till mid of may 2016, when I discovered googology for myself, I had not knew  numbers bigger than googol (I am not mathematician). Since this moment during free time  I  learned many new terms - Up-arrow notation and chained arrow notation, BEAF, FGH and so on. It was  wonderful travelling in the never ending universe of great numbers - farther and farther. Several weeks later  I  thought that and I could do own little  contribution for googology.

My contribution

Favorite pages

Veblen function · Madore's function · Buchholz's function · Jäger's function · List of systems of fundamental sequences · Ancient numeral systems

Regiment's project


Automating the creation of pages


My numbers

My system of number names (FGS) - Traveling To The Infinity

Template:Numbers by Denis Maksudov

One Million Googologisms

Generator of Googologisms

Notations for large numbers

Extensions of hyperoperators and arrows


Comparison of notations

Ordinal notations

Ordinal notation associated with Extended Buchholz’s functions

Ordinal notation associated with the functions collapsing α-weakly inaccessible cardinals

OCF and ordinal notation based on a weakly Mahlo cardinal

Online calculators

Online calculator for FGH with Buchholz function (Video: Examples of calculator work)

Online calculator for FGH with Extended Buchholz function(Video: Examples of calculator work)

Online calculator for |-notation

Online converter of numbers to different numeral systems(Video: Examples of converter work)

Blogpost on Cantor's attic (published 10th of May 2018):

Systems of fundamental sequences for functions collapsing a weakly Mahlo cardinal (there is a copy of the page in the web archive)

Сomic collages


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