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I'm hyp cos, and \(ch(x)=\frac{e^x+e^{-x}}{2}\). If you hang a rope, it looks like the image of y=ch(x).

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R function series:

  1. Basic R function
  2. Brace notation
  3. Linear array notation
  4. Dimensional array notation
  5. Nested array notation
  6. Hyper nested array notation

Array notation - another work based on the idea of R function

Dropping hydra - a simplified variant of DAN or R function

Second generation dropping notation - The third attempt of second generation Array notation. Array is actually over-complicated but improves nothing from hydra-based notation. Since it definitely doesn't follow the syntax from first generation, I could make it a hydra notation instead of an array notation. It contains this only part:

  1. Nested dropper notation

But it still fails.

Mixed arrow notation

Catching function

Comparisons between different systems of Taranovsky's ordinal notation

Bashicu matrix vs. hyper matrix vs. sudden matrix (page 1,2)

Not my stuff, just category something

List of perfect powers up to \(10^7\)

Numbers close to powers of 10

A list of links to Saibian's ExE googologisms