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Hi, I am Trakaplex, aka Jaden Hartson. I am a googologist (kind of).

Hey, did you eat my mayodipillion?

Word Origin

Trakaplex came from traka in trakillion. It formerly was called ikenaplex, but sounded too wordy and similar to kanaplex (something to do with Japanese language, I checked?). This choice was made before this wiki was even made - a while back. The plex in back has no association to the 10^x prefix, but was rather copied off Megaplex Theaters, a popular widescreen movie complex. It was a parody. The place of change of where ikenaplex to trakaplex happened was marked in front of the Hilton Garden Inn in Ogden, Utah, same intersection where a Megaplex was. It was originally meant to be a joke reflecting the theater saying "we have novemvigintillion screens instead of million". Trakaplex in the future may not be just googology, there may be programming, filming, music and more.

Emilon, Emyron, Emicron

I have copied Sbiis Saibian's eceton to coin these others terms. Just as how eceton represents centillion, emilon represents millillion. For example, the emilonplex will be one followed by a millillion zeroes. The emyron represents myrillion, and the ecetimilon centimillillion. The others don't have any letter omissions but can simply be gotten by removing the "ill" in "illion" and adding 'e' in front.

Ascen Series

Ascentrillion aka Quadragintillion aka 1E123

Ascenpentillion aka Quadrimilliquattuordecicentillion aka 1E12345

Ascenhexillion aka Unquadragintamilliunquinquagintacentillion aka 1E123456

Ascenoktillion aka Quadrimicro-quindecicentimilli-quinvigintiducentillion aka 1E12345678

Ascenennillion aka Unquadragintamicro-duoquinquagintacentimilli-duosexagintasescentillion aka 1E123456789

As seen, the pattern is using Rowlett's Greek numbering system except the numbers would be climbing up, like the ascenicosihenillion would be 1E123456789101112131415161718192021.

There are also prefixes to multiply the exponent.

Do- (x2), Trio (x3), Tetro (x4), Pento (x5), Hexo (x6), Hepto (x7), Okto (x8), Enno (x9), Deko (x10). This is also using his system, remove illion and add "o". For example, the icosiheno would multiply by 21. A basic example would be heptoascenhexillion, or 1E864192 or in illions, octooctogintaducentimillitresexagintillion. Implementing my number prefixes as seen in another post, the ascentriacillion would mean ten to the one, two, three, up to novemvigintillion!

There is also the -uple ending which is also implemented by which multiples. In Latin they have triple, quadruple, and quintuple. However, since this is mainly Greek, I adopted, "triple", "tetruple", and "pentuple". Hexuple and heptuple come next. This changes the exponent's first multiple, but it still keeps multiplying to every multiple that is an integer.

For example: Pentuple-Ascenoctadekillion

1E51015202530354045505560657075808590 or in illions:


As you see these multiples are not ones, but fives.

Another iconic example is 1E102030405060708090100110120130140150 or Dekuple-ascenpentadekillion:


There is also the stack series. For example, the triostack-ascenpentillion is 1E111222333444555, since there are three of the same numbers in a row. In illions, it is


The tetrostack-ascenpentillion would be 1E11112222333344445555, with four of the same numbers in a row.

Extended Prefixes Past 1024

Extended number prefixes are a very controversial topic - indeed the last was yotta- and yocto- in 1991. Such people then ignored the capabilities memory, watts, and many other things can exceed. For 1027, it was too late. Google set a "hella" campaign that was quickly shut down. Many say xenna, after enna "nine" and the descending letter pattern. I also share its reciprocal, xono from nonus. I have for 1030 weka and weco. The table below shows up to 1033,000 (or decimillinovemnonagintanongentillion). Completion time: 5-6 months, including a production of a number system from scratch! This can help; for example every time I read, "ten thousandth of a trillionth of a yoctosecond happened the Inflation Era after the Big Bang". Instead of saying, it would be a tenth of a suattuordecosecond? It is completely unlikely that we would be measuring things the size of decimillinovemnonagintanongentillion, due to the estimated number of total particles to be merely sexvigintillion. It was probably for the sake of competition, to prove that I am better than everyone else. The idea in general sounds more far fetched than "a type 79.8 civilization" something arbitrary you'd see on Beyond Universe Wiki.

Quantity Name Abbreviation Reciprocal (10-x)
1027 Xenna- X Xono-
1030 Weka- W Weco-
1033 Vendeka- Vd Vundeco-
1036 Udeka- Ud Uodeco-
1039 Tradeka- Trd Tradeco-
1042 Terdeka- Td Suattuordeco-
1045 Petdeka- Pd Suindeco-
1048 Exdeka- Ed Vedeco-
1051 Zetdeka- Zd Zeptendeco-
1054 Yotdeka- Yd Yoctodeco-
1057 Xendeka- Nd Xovemdeco-
1060 Diaca- Dc Fisinto-
1063 Diacila- DcL Fisintilli-
1066 Diacoda- DcD Fisintiro-
1069 Diacria- DcTr Fisintano-
1072 Diacera- DcT Fisintico-
1075 Diacinta- DcP Fisintemo-
1078 Diacexa- DcE Fisintexo-
1081 Diacepta- DcZ Fisintepto-
1084 Diacocta- DcY Fisintocto-
1087 Diacena- DcX Fisintovo-
1090 Triaca- TrC Trisinto-
1093 Triacila- TrcL Trisintilli-
1096 Triacoda- TrcD Trisinticro-
1099 Triacria- TrcTr Trisintano-
10102 Triacera- TrcT Trisintico-
10105 Triacinta- TrcP Trisintemo-
10108 Triacexa- TrcE Trisintexo-
10111 Triacepta- TrcZ Trisintepto-
10114 Triacocta- TrcY Trisintocto-
10117 Triacena- TrcX Trisintovo-
10120 Teraca- Tc Sadrinto-
10150 Penaca- Pc Suindinto-
10180 Exaca- Ec Vexinto-
10210 Zepaca- Zc Zepinto-
10240 Yotaca- Yc Yocinto-
10270 Xenaca- Xc Xoninto-
10300 Hota- Ht Kento-
10330 Howeka- HtW Kenweco-
10360 Hodiaca- HtDc Kenfisinto-
10390 Hotriaca- HtTrc Kentrisinto-
10600 Diota- Dt Degento-
10900 Triota- Trt Tragento-
101,200 Terota- Tt Sadringento-
101,500 Penota- Pt Suingento-
101,800 Exota- Et Vesgento-
102,100 Zepota- Zt Zeptingento-
102,400 Yotota- Yt Yoctingento-
102,700 Xenota- Xt Xongento-
103,000 Kala- KL Pelo-
103,300 Kalihota- KLHt Pelikento-
106,000 Diala- DL Depelo-
109,000 Triala- TrL Trapelo-
1012,000 Terala- TL Sadripelo-
1015,000 Penala- PL Suinpelo-
1018,000 Exala- EL Vexpelo-
1021,000 Zetala- ZL Zeptipelo-
1024,000 Yotala- YL Yoctipelo-
1027,000 Xenala- XL Xonipelo-
1030,000 Wekala- WL Wecipelo-
1033,000 Vendekala- VdL Vundecipelo-

A legitimate good example would be quadrimilliquattuordecicentillion, which would be teralihopetdeka- with the reciprocal sadripelikensuindeco-. Another more random example would be trimillisexoctogintaoctingentillion, with the main being trialiyotoyotacepta-, with the reciprocal trapeliyoctingenyocintepto-.

My term pages using Jonathan Bowers' zillions

These are currently Tiers 5-8.