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I'm familiar with googology, but not with wikis. Excuse me if something is not formatted right.

I also play some games on the xkcd forums, including big number games.

I have my own large numbers site at:

Feel free to check it out, or even add stuff to the wiki because I can't without getting blocked.

I also made my own wiki at Feel free to contribute, I'm the only active user.


Active recently:

User:Username5243/Introduction and analysis of UNAN: My array notation, and its analysis. Currently on its third page.

User:Username5243/Username's OCF - my notation for large ordinals. Planned to go further than normal ordinal notations.

User:Username5243/SAN vs UNOCF - Just what it says.

UNAN googolisms (Coming soon): Will be imported form my site and worked on more here (because it's easier to edit stuff on here).

User:Username5243/BMS vs UNOCF - Yes, we really need another one.

User:Username5243/Pi notation: My attempt to define a powerful ordinal system. On hiatus because several people (okay, mainly CatIsFluffy) have been bugging me that it's nor formalized and I'm not good at formalizing stuff. However, I will probably continue it soon, because apparently 12AbBa was interested enough to continue the analysis on his own page.

User:Username5243/Linear Array-E Notation: My attempt to extend #xE^ to linear arrays. Will include a new list of number names (probably not as long as Saibian's because I don't want to type thousands of intermediates but whatever).

BMS vs UNOCF (coming soon) - Because everyone else is doing it

TON vs UNOCF (coming soon) - I'm curious if TON beats UNOCF, so I will try to determine it here.


These are inactive. Highly unlikely that most of them will ever be revived.

User:Username5243/XKCD Notation Reference: A notation reference for the latest game.

User:Username5243/Ordinals: Ordinal indices - I believe someone did something like it a while back.

User:Username5243/Counting ExE Googolisms: An attempt to figure out exactly how many names can be formed withn the extensible E system.

Edit milestones

That's all! (for now anyways)