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I am currently inactive on Wikia. I still visit this wiki regularily, but I won't be active exepted for maintainance tasks. I have had a great time here, but my interest slowely decreased.

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Some notes:

  • I'm the creator of the Dutch 'Grote getallen wiki' , Dutch for Big Numbers wiki.
  • I also contribute in the Japanese wiki, mainly for language links and pictures uploading, but I also started to do some analysis of numbers that aren't here.
  • I'm a contributor in the xkcd time wiki, to see why you can visit my profile there.


  • Rado's sigma function
    • All my research on the Rado's Sigma function and related functions, containing over 50 bounds by me and also all other bounds I know of.
  • Dollar function
    • My function for producing large numbers, currently WIP and I doubt that it will be finished. Ever.
  • Michelin star salad
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100 Trillion Dollars.jpg

Money Pictures

Just decoration.


There are some visual reprensations on the wiki that I've made:

  • Aarex's Forcal Numbers
    Hyperior Hyperior Hyperior Hypercal.jpg

    Visual representation of a goggol

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  • Sbiis Saibian's Hyper-E notation: Googol series ( finished )
  • Sbiis Saibian's Hyper-E notation: Gugold series  ( finished )
  • Sbiis Saibian's Cascading-E: Godgahlah series ( finished )
  • Sbiis Saibian's Powers of 10 ( finished )
  • Bowers's googol series ( finished )
  • Bowers's goobol series - number of linear entries ( finished )
  • Money, $10 trillion, $100 trillion, $1 quadrillion, $10 quadrillion, $100 quadrillion, $1 quintillion, $1 sextillion and $1 septillion
  • Hierarchy of functions
  • Boogolduplex, Boogoltriplex, Corporal, Corporalplex
  • Duperdecal, Truperdecal and Quadruperdecal
  • Tetratri and Supertet
  • Googol series in terms of zeroes
  • Eceton series in terms of zeroes
  • Googolgong series in terms of zeroes
  • Googoldex series in terms of zeroes (more soon?)

Coming soon:

  • Anyone idea's? Leave them on my talk page.
  • ...