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Hello there, I actually created this blog post to notify that the Classic Google Sites will be closed / shut down on 1 September. There are some Classic Sites pages that need to be archived.

Update 1: It's actually 1 January 2022, but just in case if it closes early, we will archive these pages as soon as possible.

Update 2: 1 January 2022 shutdown date is for Google Workspace users, I doubt that the owners of the site are actually Google Workspace users, so it's 2 weeks from now before shutdown.

The list of the sites are:

  1. Sbiis Saibian's large number site
  2. Pointless Large Numbers Site
  3. Username5243's Large Numbers site
  4. SuperJedi224's Large Numbers site
  5. Hollom's large numbers site

It looks like... Sbiis Saibian's site is down, actually. TBC.

Can someone volunteer to archive all of the pages in the sites above? Thank you in advance.