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Sbiis Saibian Sbiis Saibian 24 days ago

New LNS : Official Release Date

So I've finally made a decision about the New LNS. I had tentatively said I would keep up the Classic LNS for as long as google would host it unless I made an official decision about when to perform the upgrade. I have decided to upgrade my site on December 9th, 2021 to commemorate my websites 13th anniversary. This means the Classic version will only be up for approximately one more month before disappearing forever (so if you want to archive it for yourself, this is your last opportunity). The New LNS will be released on an "as is" basis. What this means is whatever the transfer process does to the site will be more or less how it first goes online. The reason for this is that there seems to be issues with saving changes for non-publishe…

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Sbiis Saibian Sbiis Saibian 7 September

Addendum on New LNS

Just a quick update on the status and future plans for the New LNS. Classic LNS is still running 7 days after the supposed cut off date for public access to classic sites and I suspect it would continue to run for the rest of 2021 if I left it be. Previously I had mentioned that there might be new content when the New LNS launches but since then plans have changed slightly, hence this addendum. I began a new article in the New LNS, however, there were problems saving changes, likely due to the fact that this new site has not been published yet. There doesn't appear to be any feature to save drafts. For this reason, when the New LNS launches it will contain no new content. Instead I will work on any new content off-site and add it later as …

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Sbiis Saibian Sbiis Saibian 2 September

An Announcement on LNS Classic

As you may be aware google has decided to discontinue classic sites for its user base and all but force them to "upgrade" to new sites or perform the laborious task of transferring their site to another platform. Starting September 1st (ish) it appears that it is no longer possible for anyone to edit their classic sites anymore. That has some important upshots for my "Large Number Site", or the LNS as I like to call it.

What I will now call "LNS classic" is still viewable even now as of me writing this (see for yourself), as are all the "classic googology" sites I could find. They are likely to stick around for the remainder of 2021, possibly with sites vanishing sporadically over this time period. We will have to wait and see what google d…

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Sbiis Saibian Sbiis Saibian 12 January 2017

Order of the Kasnerites

Googology as popularly understood, is a catch-all term for anything related to "large numbers" ... no matter how tangentially. Consequently this wiki has incorporated information from a variety of sources including mathematics, science, cosmology, computer science, number theory, among others. No matter how grand or mundane the topic, if it involves large numbers it will probably be considered of "googological interest". Googology itself is billed as "the study of large numbers". But does this really capture everything that googology is, or has come to represent?

One thing that I have noticed that seems to generally not be recognized in the discussion is googology as a cultural phenomenon, googology as a community, and googology as a tradit…

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Sbiis Saibian Sbiis Saibian 25 January 2016

2016 Googologist Registry

This is a list of members of the community identified as "googologists", as well as a census on all the individuals who have in some way contributed to the development of googology. Please read this blog post for instructions of how to get included on this list and how it is being conducted. You can make your "claim" here or at the other blog post, though here is preferred.

What follows is the Registry of "contributors to the spirit of googology" as of 2016:


To merit inclusion as a contributor in the registry you must meet the following 2 stipulations:

(1) Have work that is googologically relevant, not necessarily googological in nature
(2) Work can be cited on the internet

To merit inclusion as a licenced "…

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